Ballad of the Week: Lost in the Night by Victory

A power ballad about prostitution? Yeah, but somehow it works.

I discovered this tune after seeing the video for “Don’t Tell No Lies” on MTV in the 80s. I really dug Fernando Garcia’s voice and delivery, so I special ordered a copy of “Culture Killed the Native” through my local record store. Upon my first listen, the album blew me away and this ballad became a one of my favorites. Herman Frank‘s (Accept, Sinner) guitar work is just phenomenal on this disc.

In 1989, Garcia replaced Charlie Huhn on lead vocals on this album and proceeded to record a total of six albums with Victory. Garcia has also appeared on releases by The Alex Parche Project, BISS, Lovetrick, Seven Skys, Subway and Wicked Sensation.

As for Victory, they reunited with Huhn on 2003’s Instinct, but the reunion was short-lived. Jioti Parcharidis took over on vocals in 2006’s “Fuel to the Fire” which featured re-recordings of several Victory songs including “Don’t Tell No Lies” and “Lost in the Night.” I was REALLY not a fan of that particular release.

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