Ballad of the Week: The Day I Met You by Lillian Axe

Simplistic, yet exquisite.

After viewing the film “For the Boys”, lead guitarist Steve Blaze wrote this exquisite ballad in only 10 minutes. Inspired by the song “In My Life” by the Beatles, Blaze wanted to write “a straight ahead song … one guitar, one vocal. Straight from the heart, everybody can relate to this.”

Hailing from New Orleans, the history of Lillian Axe started when lead guitarist Steve Blaze and drummer Danny King of Lillian axe formed a new incarnation of the band by combining with the remnants of the Michigan-based band Stiff, which included vocalist Ron Taylor, guitarist Jon Ster and bassist Rob Stratton.

The song is from their fifth album Psychoschizophrenia released in 1993.

Below is a video from the 2014 DVD/album release “One Night in the Temple” featuring lead singer Brian Jones.

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